"Windows Event Log - wevtsvc.dll" Service on Windows 8


What is "Windows Event Log" in my Windows 8 service list? And how is "Windows Event Log" service related to wevtsvc.dll?

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"Windows Event Log" is a Windows 8 service that This service manages events and event logs. It supports logging events, querying events, subscribing to events, archiving event logs, and managing event metadata. It can display events in both XML and plain text format. Stopping this service may compromise security and reliability of the system. "Windows Event Log" service is provided by wevtsvc.dll program file.

Detailed information on "Windows Event Log" service:

Service name: EventLog
Display name: Windows Event Log
Execution command: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
Dependencies: None

"Windows Event Log" service is provided by a program called: wevtsvc.dll:

Name: wevtsvc.dll
Location: C:\Windows\System32\wevtsvc.dll
Description: Event Logging Service
File version: 6.2.9200.16384 (win8_rtm.120725-1247)
Size: 1731584 bytes
Modified: 7/26/2012 3:07:47 AM UTC

Disabling "Windows Event Log" service may cause issues when running Windows 8 system.


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