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You Better Focus on WIFT instead of WIFM to Interview Your Best
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2007/10/30 11:24
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You Better Focus on WIFT instead of WIFM to Interview Your Best

Are You Making the Mistake of Focusing on What’s In It For Me (WIFM) Vs What’s In It For Them (WIFT)

Listening is the most important part of an interview; and you though talking was! The beginning of any interview should be the interviewer talking about their ideas and perspectives on the job and you LISTENING LISTENING LISTENING. Applicants are typically too eager to tell the interviewer about all their great skills and abilities and the wonderful things they have done on prior jobs. This prevents the applicant from learning what they have that would be a benefit to the company. Without intense listening you cannot learn what you have that is WIFT!

#2 Forget, initially, why you want the job and why this is a good opportunity for you.
WIFT is based on a total focus on the company and the job and what you can do to make the company successful. Talk as if you live to serve and your mission is to expand their bottom line. Once you have convinced them that you are the best candidate and they want to offer you the job, you can shift the focus to your needs like compensation, health care, vacation etc. Focus on these things too early and you appear too self-serving and not motivated for the job.

#3 Be specific about WIFT don’t leave them guessing.
Say specifically and often “Hire me and here is what is in it for you”! Too many applicants simply talk about background, skills, experience and answer a series of questions. If lucky they are asked “Why should we hire you?” and they can give a 2 minute rambling answer out of a 60 minute interview. Use every opportunity to say “here is what is in it for you”. For example, rather than “I have experience with Microsoft Products”, say “I know Power Point which means that I can produce the presentations you mentioned you have to present to you clients every month (you got this tidbit from LISTENING LISTENING LISTENING), this will certainly save you time”. See the difference, you went from “I know Microsoft products” to WIFT is saving time.

#4 WIFT is mostly based on making the Hiring Managers life easier.
The Hiring Manager will say all sorts of nice lofty things about the job, the company, the community and the world. How you will be serving the needs of internal and external constituents and helping to grow the company. Bottom line, she is hiring you to make her life better! What does she need specifically for herself? Listen Listen Listen for what will make her work life easier and better. Is it more organization, productivity, problems solved or increased sales? Does she need a troubled division or team fixed, quality improved, less hassle from her boss about a specific problem? Once you know her specific needs/problems talk about how you will solve them. This is WIFT on steroids!

#5 Come prepared with a plan!
It is not enough simply to talk about what you will do for the company, present a 30/60 day strategic action plan. Companies love applicants with a plan. In writing, show them your goals for the first 30 days and the first 60 days. This communicates you know you need to add value quickly to the company and just how you will do it. Need help with this, go to

Posted on: 2010/12/27 16:29
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