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| Jun 30, 2015

When I open the windows 8 store it says "your pc is not connected to the internet connect to the internet and try again" even though i am connected to the internet when i try again it still doesn't work. - Rank: 120 - Votes: 0 - Views: 18 - Updated: 2015-07-01

| Jun 30, 2015 | 1 reads

How do I move my library to a new computer? - Rank: 8476 - Votes: 7 - Views: 8367 - Updated: 2015-07-01

| Jun 28, 2015 | 1 reads

The computer detect the microphone plugged in, but it's not working with any App. or Desktop soft wears , It's worked on my Windows 7 Laptop, I'm using Realtek HD Drive. - Rank: 110 - Votes: 0 - Views: 9 - Updated: 2015-06-29

| Jun 28, 2015 | 1 reads

1. When I try to sign in it says Microsoft Account doesn't exists .

2.When I try to signup it says Microsoft Account already exists .

What is the matter with Microsoft. In the name of flexibility Microsoft made simple email usage as a complex

I now understand why no one uses this Microsoft account atleast in my country.

- Rank: 108 - Votes: 0 - Views: 7 - Updated: 2015-06-29

| Jun 25, 2015 | 1 reads

When I try to play the daily challenges in both Microsoft Solitaire and Mahjong, the game choices appear, Klondike, Pyramid, etc, but the ad will not load, only leaving me with a black screen. Of course the box that asks if I want to upgrade does appear.

This has been going on for a few weeks. I first I could often get in by re-booting. Then I tried re-installing and that worked a few times. Now I cannot get in at all. I tried a clean boot, again nothing. Windows 8.1 is up to date.

It the problem lies with loading the ads, if I upgraded to Premium, would I be able to play my games once more, or would I still not be able to advance to opening the game?

If I upgraded and still couldn't play, would they refund my money?! - Rank: 103 - Votes: 0 - Views: 3 - Updated: 2015-06-26

| Jun 25, 2015 | 1 reads

Unable to play mousecity games from my laptop..wen i enter the mousecity page the game video itself is not showing up..wat do i do now..i am using chrome - Rank: 102 - Votes: 0 - Views: 2 - Updated: 2015-06-26

| Jun 20, 2015

I have toshiba touchscreen with windows 8 and when it went through a "critical" update on May 23 the mouse and keyboard stopped working once restarted. Because it is touch screen I can do a system restore back to the last update. This makes everything work again but a few days later when the update is required, it causes both mouse and keyboard to stop working. I saw a previous post about something like this and having to hit windows + w but with the touch screen keyboard I can't do that. - Rank: 117 - Votes: 0 - Views: 16 - Updated: 2015-06-21

| Jun 20, 2015 | 1 reads

I have a user who can't display any .chm help files on their Windows 8 64bit machine. These are help files that reside on the local hard drive (C:\Program Files\...) and NOT on a server share. Upon opening them (either by double clicking the .chm file or opening it with F1 in the application) they are displayed with a "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled" message.

This appears to be the same issue that tons of people have on their shared or downloaded .chm files, but for this one user it is for ALL local .chm files.

Things I have tried:

Using HHReg application to change the MaxAllowedZone to 2 (which I wouldn't expect to have any effect since it's the LOCAL files that won't work)

Using HHReg application add the path to the .chm file to the UrlAllowList.

To further complicate matters, my own Windows 8 64bit machine can open .chm files perfectly without any problems. Granted I am a software developer so I have a ton of programs installed (including the HTMLHelp Workshop) that might be fixing this problem for me? I'm really not sure why it works for me and not for this one user. - Rank: 115 - Votes: 0 - Views: 14 - Updated: 2015-06-21

| Jun 18, 2015 | 1 reads

My Laptop is running Win 8.0 and it keeps automatically install apps from nowhere lately these days, and when I tries to uninstall all those apps, it keeps installing. - Rank: 104 - Votes: 0 - Views: 4 - Updated: 2015-06-19

| Jun 18, 2015

i am using windows 8 pro 32 bit with 2 gb of ram. i am planning to increase my pc ram up to 8gb. but 32 bit windows has 4 bg ram limit. and i don't want to intall 64 bit windows. my processor also support pae. so how can i utilize 8gb ram with 32bit windows? - Rank: 103 - Votes: 0 - Views: 3 - Updated: 2015-06-19

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