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| Oct 30, 2014

I lost all calendar entries from prior to June 25th and have been using this computer since December 2012. I suspect it was when I upgraded to Windows 8.1? how do I recover this data? - Rank: 108 - Votes: 0 - Views: 8 - Updated: 2014-10-31

| Oct 30, 2014

So my windows 8 pc started running real slow and was telling me that my pictures directory was invalid and that I had nothing in my pictures folder. I so then restarted the pc and it took forever for it to finally get to the login screen I would type the password as it took around 1-2 minutes per password character once it finally typed all the password i hit enter and it says the password is invalid. I have no way to login back into my pc and need some help. I tried booting in safe mode but it wont let me. I tried using F8 and shift-F8 both didn't do anything. any ideas or advice? - Rank: 108 - Votes: 0 - Views: 8 - Updated: 2014-10-31

| Oct 28, 2014

How can I save a page as OXPS file in windows 8, I used to save my Bank statements as OXPS file but not any more, - Rank: 105 - Votes: 0 - Views: 5 - Updated: 2014-10-29

| Oct 28, 2014

I am having a Sony VAIO e series laptop with windows 8 installed on it. Today when i switched on the laptop a blank screen was showing and is stuck. But after pressing the space bar key the SONY boot-screen was showed and was again stuck. Again on pressing the space key windows was loaded and was working fine. The same happens on every start up. Can anyone help me to sort out this issue. - Rank: 103 - Votes: 0 - Views: 3 - Updated: 2014-10-29

| Oct 26, 2014

Window 8 laptop, after usual windows updates, can't access internet by either google chrome or iternet explore, showed that the page can't be displayed. restart the computer didn't help. Other devices in the house have no problem to access internet. Theee is cable connected to the computer, wireless also available. Please help to fix the problem. - Rank: 111 - Votes: 0 - Views: 10 - Updated: 2014-10-27

| Oct 26, 2014

I've been trying to refresh my computer but it keeps still telling me that i need to insert media, but i only have a soft copy and not a hard copy, what do i do? - Rank: 112 - Votes: 0 - Views: 11 - Updated: 2014-10-27

| Oct 21, 2014

I am upgrading two Windows Vista and two Windows 7 PCs.

Can I use the same 32 bit disk on Vista PCs and the same 64 bit disk to upgrade the two Windows 7 PCs? - Rank: 106 - Votes: 0 - Views: 6 - Updated: 2014-10-22

| Oct 21, 2014

I wrote a simple document, yet find each time I print it the format has been changed slightly, as in at which edge certain text appears. Why is this happening and how can I get it to print exactly as it appears on screen? - Rank: 108 - Votes: 0 - Views: 8 - Updated: 2014-10-22

| Oct 16, 2014 | 1 reads

I have a Windows 7 laptop with an overheating problem and am looking into replacing it. I want to be able to transfer all of my files and programs to the new laptop. If the new laptop is Windows 8, I assume I would still be able to restore from my Windows 7 system image, and that after doing so I would have all of my files and programs in Windows 7 on the new laptop. Would I then be able to reuse the Windows 8 product key that came with the laptop to re-upgrade to Windows 8 and have all of my programs and files in Windows 8? - Rank: 104 - Votes: 0 - Views: 4 - Updated: 2014-10-17

| Oct 16, 2014

Recently had hard disk crash. Had it replaced. Everything is great, but I use the "Recent Places" folder in windows explorer all the time and it's no longer working. Any ideas on how to fix it? I've deleted and added it back but that didn't fix it either. - Rank: 105 - Votes: 0 - Views: 5 - Updated: 2014-10-17

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