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Category: Windows

| Oct 02, 2014

try to edit hosts file within file explorer I get a message saying I do not have permission to edit the files. I own this computer. When I run notepad as administrator, click file, click open, then navigate to drivers etc, the folder shows as empty: does not show hosts file. I want to block a website. How do I edit the hosts file? - Rank: 105 - Votes: 0 - Views: 5 - Updated: 2014-10-03

| Oct 02, 2014

I've looked on many forums and websites tried every thing and its still not audio isn't working there's a red X over the sound icon and when i click on it a detecting problems thing comes up it says one or more windows services aren't working.I looked on forums and it said to see if windows audio was running i checked and it wasn't running .I checked to make sure all the dependencies were running and they were. I checked my virus protector storage and re-enabled what i thought was windows audio (because someone on a forum said that worked)and it still didn't work. I also tried the command prompt scan thing and for some reason it wouldn't start the scan. i don't now what to do can some one - Rank: 105 - Votes: 0 - Views: 5 - Updated: 2014-10-03

| Sep 30, 2014 | 1 reads

I am a new user.I want to know how to add photo on the start up screen where our name is being displayed.I have tried many times but the error comes is account picture fail. - Rank: 106 - Votes: 0 - Views: 6 - Updated: 2014-10-01

| Sep 30, 2014 | 3 reads

When i try to enter a game, the client crashes and a window pops up saying to app was unable to open (0xc000007b). Please answer. I am using windows 8.1, 64 bit - Rank: 105 - Votes: 0 - Views: 5 - Updated: 2014-10-01

| Sep 28, 2014

it does not work(code 10).

what suffest to do?help me please!

my laptop delays to start! - Rank: 114 - Votes: 0 - Views: 13 - Updated: 2014-09-29

| Sep 28, 2014

I have over 2000 pics in my pictures folder and need an easy way to select groups of pics to place in folders. There must be any easier way to do this then by dragging each pic up to the designated folder. When I get down to middle of screen I can not even drag them up that high to place in named folder. Also , the photo app from the start screen just says "pic library" and slides shows them or collages them. how do I create folders using photo App? There must be something I am missing because this just seems ridiculous for as much as this computer cost kinda starting I still had an old school easy to use computer. - Rank: 114 - Votes: 0 - Views: 13 - Updated: 2014-09-29

| Sep 25, 2014 | 2 reads

Google Chrome keeps trying to install over and over and over. Its not shown in the list of programs.

I have run antivirus and antimalware and the PC is now clean.

How do I stop this? - Rank: 111 - Votes: 0 - Views: 10 - Updated: 2014-09-26

| Sep 25, 2014 | 1 reads

I have a laptop with window 8 on it, and up until tonight it has been running fine, but I have dropped off the internet on it, and my wifi connectivity has been disabled, and whenever I try to turn my Wifi capability back on it crashes and then it restarts saying if I want to know more, look up DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION - Rank: 115 - Votes: 0 - Views: 14 - Updated: 2014-09-26

| Sep 23, 2014 | 4 reads

Automatic update just came up with the following to install as important: kb2973544.....after all the problems with the previous ones, is this safe to download and install? - Rank: 113 - Votes: 0 - Views: 13 - Updated: 2014-09-24

| Sep 23, 2014 | 1 reads

I have a Samsung np550p5c-s05in and it came installed with Windows 8 64-bit, later the hdd developed some problems and as I had warranty , they replaced it with a new one however this one came with a Win 8 32-bit which was not activated. Now , I had the product key from last win 8 that I had so I tried using that to activate but an error came up which said something like

"The key provided is not for this edition of windows ,

Either use the windows 8 setup or enter a windows 8 activation key."

So this made sense as the key I had was for a 64 bit win 8 , so I installed win 8 64-bit from an image file and then I repeated the same procedure of entering the key and the same error came up again.

So I would request you people to please help me with this, as I have no idea whatsoever what to do next. - Rank: 112 - Votes: 0 - Views: 12 - Updated: 2014-09-24

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