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Oct 23, 2014


How to Watch Today's Solar Eclipse
PC Magazine
A partial solar eclipse is viewable over most of North America today. Here's how to see it without melting your eyeballs. 0shares. How to Watch Today's Solar Eclipse. Today, most of North America will be treated to a partial solar eclipse where—depending on ...
How to Watch the Next Solar EclipseABC News
North America gears up for partial eclipseBBC News
Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Today: Watch It
eNews Park Forest -io9 -Clapway
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Oct 23, 2014

New York Times

Mark Zuckerberg speaks Mandarin during Beijing Q&A
Mark Zuckerberg has stunned an audience in Beijing by conducting a 30-minute question and answer session in fluent Mandarin. The Facebook chief executive was known to have been studying the language, having mentioned in an interview with Oprah ...
Zuckerberg: Three reasons I learned to speak Chinese (in Chinese)CBS News
Here are some hot takes on Mark Zuckerberg's Mandarin skillsWashington Post (blog)
Mark Zuckerberg, Speaking Chinese, Discusses Facebook at Beijing ForumNew York Times (blog)
CNN -Christian Science Monitor -Los Angeles Times
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Oct 23, 2014

Science World Report

Chimps raid farm, stop to have sex under cover of darkness
Science Now
Blanketed by the soft darkness of a moonless night, a large group of chimpanzees makes a leisurely raid of a Ugandan farm outside of Kibale National Park in this grainy video. Despite the potentially disfiguring traps and snares used in the area, the chimps ...
Chimpanzees Adapt to Human Encroachment by Raiding Crops at NightDesign & Trend
Chimps found to be adapting to human neighboursWildlife Extra
Chimps filmed raiding farms to find foodBBC News

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Oct 23, 2014

Astronomy Magazine

Big black holes can block new stars
Astronomy Magazine
Research provides new evidence that it is jets of “radio-frequency feedback” streaming from mature galaxies' central black holes that prevent hot free gas from cooling and collapsing into baby stars. By Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland ...
Study Finds Black Holes Can Prevent Star FormationDumb-Out
Massive Black Holes May Be Able To Halt New Star FormationRedOrbit
Study finds gigantic black holes can block formation of new starsDaily News & Analysis
ScienceAlert -Mizo News
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Oct 23, 2014

Online harassment, from name-calling to stalking, is a common experience online, a new study finds.

Oct 23, 2014

BBC News

DNA reveals more about the secrets of early humans
BBC News
Analysis of DNA from a very early human could help rewrite the history of mankind. For years scientists have believed that the earliest people on earth, and their ancestors Neanderthals, started life in Africa before moving into Europe and Asia. Tests on a ...
45000-Year-Old Man's Genome SequencedScientific American
45000-year-old leg bone offers clues to Stone Age matingCNN
UCT researcher helps determine earliest human genomeTimes LIVE
South China Morning Post (subscription) -Fox News -Business Standard
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Oct 23, 2014

Fox News

Ancient skulls reveal history of human lactose tolerance
The Week Magazine
The DNA of skulls from Hungary has allowed scientists to better understand the origins of human lactose tolerance. In a study published this week in the journal Nature Communications, scientists analyzed the DNA of 13 people's remains from central ...
Ancient Europeans Were Lactose Intolerant For Thousands Of YearsRedOrbit
Ancient Europeans lactose intolerant for 5000 yearsIrish Times
Ancient Europeans Intolerant to Lactose 5000 Years After Adopting AgricultureViral Global News
Tech Times -Capital Wired
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Oct 23, 2014

A social network promising never to sell user data or incorporate advertising secures multi-million dollar backing.

Oct 23, 2014

US government investigators are looking into about two dozen cases of medical kit suspected to be vulnerable to life-threatening hacks.

Oct 23, 2014

A formal police complaint has been made by Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan after online rape threats were made against their daughter, the TV presenters say.

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